Welcome to the website for the Catholic Church in Birkenhead. The Church exists to preach the Good News of God's love for us, to provide the sacraments at the key moments in our lives, and to give pastoral care to the community. We hope this website will be useful to two groups of people: general inquirers who need what the Church can provide, and local parish activists seeking to lay their hands on contact details. Any feedback on how we can improve this service will be gratefully received. God bless,

Fr Nick Kern
Birkenhead is in the Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury (not Liverpool!). The Catholic dioceses are based on the ancient county boundaries. Shrewsbury Diocese consists of what used to be Cheshire & Shropshire. Anything south of the river Mersey was Cheshire, hence Wirral is in Shrewsbury Diocese. The Diocese has established locally agreed Pastoral Areas, consisting of a small group of neighbouring parishes. Each Pastoral Area is managed by a Team, which consists of the Parish Priests, a deacon, lay parish representation, a catechist from the area, and a teacher from a local Catholic School.

There are 26 Local Pastoral Areas (LPAs) throughout the Diocese arranged within 6 Regions. Each Region comes under the Pastoral Care of a Regional Dean. The Dean of the Wirral is Fr Nick Kern.